Kings and Queens, play your game!
Under the soft lights there is Thursday Casino night where anything can happen, a unique opportunity to challenge fate and win with cocktails and chips. Every Thursday from 9.30pm, the roulette and blackjack tables are ready to welcome you in a sophisticated and suspenseful atmosphere.

Ready to bet on your skills?


Are your nerves besieged by the din of modern life?
Immerse yourself in British sophistication with Afternoon Tea, our London-inspired event with tea, cocktails, Champagne and sweet and savory food to match. Every Sunday afternoon from 5pm to 8.30pm*.

* From 8.30pm onwards, the evening proceeds regularly with the cocktail bar.


The Black Monday Speakeasy is open to hospitality collaborations. We believe in the strength of hospitality and in the exchange of experiences that enrich the cultural background.
This philosophy has reflected us since we opened and in 8 years we have often given up our counter to fellow bartenders, coming from all over Italy, as guests for an evening.
The TBM staff is also happy to prepare the luggage and tools of the trade for those who want to host us behind their desks.


Are you passionate about cocktails and would like to learn how to prepare them comfortably at home? Our Shake @ Home Workshop is dedicated to amateurs and non-professionals. We will teach you how to prepare the most famous drinks, at home, as if you were at the bar. Only 8 places are available for workshops with reservation.

Every Saturday afternoon, from 3.00pm to 6.00pm.

Join your passions!
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