We at The Black Monday Speakeasy love to surprise you, especially on special occasions.
Our Catering service will take you back to the 1920s with its retro-vintage format and you will have your own “mobile” TBM, a real miniature Speakeasy bar always ready to serve you studied, refined and high quality cocktails during your reception .
Weddings, ceremonies, events, corporate events, birthday parties, graduation parties and private events are part of our daily activity.
We have been in the events sector since 2016 and always ensure the perfect success of every event thanks to our experience and professionalism.
logo TBMSE dark
logo TBMSE dark


Do you want to start a new cocktail bar or increase your turnover but don’t know where to start?

Choose TBM Bar Consulting 

We know the world of bars in every detail and have been working in the sector for almost ten years, we have started enormously successful bars and professional figures, from those who turned to us during the planning stage of their business to those who did so to receive consultancy advanced by trained and competent professionals to improve a few years after its launch.
Today TBM Bar Consulting also provides consultancy to some Art and Design companies and was chosen by the Venice Design Week to disseminate the art themes connected to the American Bar. Every self-respecting idea, before being developed, requires an in-depth analysis, a targeted strategy and a tailor-made approach to make your Bar excel compared to the competition.

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